Matt Barnes-Smith – Therapist & Reception Team

My yoga practice started in January 2016, when I would creep up into the loft to do a beginners 30-day challenge on YouTube. It was, and often still is, a shock to my body after spending the vast majority of my life playing rugby, not stretching or cooling down, and lifting heavy weights in the gym. It is now an essential part of my life, allowing me to challenge and channel my body and mind in ways I never thought possible. More than anything though, I love the community of people I have met through yoga and being part of The Shed Team. 

I also provide mentoring support to young men (18-24yrs) who simply need a safe space to speak openly and honestly about what “being a man” means to them. Society places immense pressure on males to buy in to a multitude of masculine stereotypes, which can result in many leading destructive and isolated lives. Even if on the outside they appear to be ok, men are often taught that being strong means to show no emotion. Instead, it is through empathetic communication that young males can learn to be comfortable with vulnerability being the ultimate test of strength.