Liz Lavallin – Yoga Teacher

After dipping in and out of yoga it wasn’t until 2014 when I really understood what the yoga hype was all about. As then, I found a style that was right for me. There are so many different styles of yoga out there and they aren’t all for everyone, but this was a game changer for me.

In 2016 I left London to go travelling around Asia. During this time yoga became an integral part of my life. It allowed me to be totally present for probably the first time. On returning from this trip I wanted to learn more and share the gift of yoga with others. So that they too could benefit from the magic that is yoga. In 2017 I completed my 200 hours Vinyasa and Hatha training at The Well-Being Yoga School. This was with the teacher who I began my own personal journey with.

I believe yoga is a journey where we are all students, constantly evolving and developing. It is not a task to be completed but a practice whereby everyone is welcome.