Kate Turner-Yoga Teacher

My love of yoga started when I went travelling 15 years ago. It taught me to see my body from a different perspective. I started to practice regularly when I realized how much yoga helped me in my other passion, triathlons. My practice started very much from a strength basis, seeing how my body reacted, what it could do and how it could grow in strength and flexibility. However, it took me by surprise when that pretty quickly changed and I grew to rely on the breath work. What a powerful tool that is, how pranayama can change your state of mind and how that opened up previously closed areas of my mind and body. I became hooked! I did my 500 hour teacher training in 2017. Sorrel and Helen have been fundamental in me growing as a teacher. I feel honoured to be part of the mad yogi Shed family!

My classes are Vinyasa Flow, with an emphasis on Strength, but more important than anything to take the time to tune into your body, to listen to what it needs, to find that balance. When to hold back, how to find the edge and to learn when to soften and let go.