Jess Clarke -Yoga Teacher

I began practicing yoga five years ago when I needed a refuge from the noise and stress of my life at the time. The 90 minutes spent in a studio with the sound of my breath took me to a place of steadiness and calm where I felt grounded and clear to a completely new level. From there I let go of the stressful job and lifestyle but the yoga remained a constant.

My yoga Teacher Training was completed with Frog Lotus Yoga in Andalusia, Spain in 2017. Ive been teaching ever since.

Two of my big influences of modern yoga are Jason Crandell and Jeff Phenix. Both of whom I have taken courses and workshops with over the last year. The thing I love about yoga is that it provides a lifetime of ongoing learning, there is always new territory to explore.

My aim is to lead classes with focus on the physical practice and the breath. I will emphasis on anatomy and alignment to allow people to explore their own practice and self enquiry. So, to bring out the best in themselves.