Jennie-Lee Gelling – Yoga Teacher & Reception Team

For me yoga is a constant journey with so many different paths and lessons. The more I learn, the more there is to learn and explore!

I trained as a vinyasa flow teacher in 2009 with Frog Lotus Yoga International. In 2011 when I was expecting my second child, I also qualified as a pre- and postnatal teacher with CamYoga. In 2016 I trained as a Positive Movement teacher with a teacher from Adaptive Yoga UK. Since then I have worked with adaptive yoga for clients with special needs alongside my standard yoga classes.

Vinyasa flow, with its rhythmic movement and breath, is a huge influence in my teaching. But over the years I have had the opportunity to practice and learn from many great teachers with various styles. I have also learnt to appreciate the stillness and importance of great alignment from the inside and out.

I am passionate about discovering new ways of teaching how to activate and create a deeper awareness of body and mind and hopefully take the student to that new place. It can range from building up to variations in a headstand to be able to relax an over-tense neck in a warrior or even maybe for the first time find stillness in shavasana.