Jane Edwards – Yoga Teacher

My passion has always been art and holistic therapies. Over the years I experienced a variety of styles of Yoga and found all have immense benefits and strengths.

I was teaching Reiki when I discovered a Kundalini yoga class. It attracted me as I was interested in concepts of energy moving in the body freeing emotional, mental and physical blockages.  As well as yoga’s union of mind, body and spirit. It is known as ‘the Yoga of Awareness’. After several years taking classes I was inspired to train in London and an Ashram in France and am now a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. I would like to empower others to recognise their inner strengths and experience the bliss of stillness, boundlessness, balance and creativity by simple everyday yogic practises.

Yoga has helped me find more tranquillity in my own life. It is a wonderful practise to deal with everyday challenges, increasing flexibility and inner awareness. I really enjoy the privilege of teaching students.