Helen Flower – Yoga Teacher

You are not separate from the whole. You are one with the sun, the earth, the air. You don’t have a life. You are life.


My Mum had taught me yoga as a child and at University I bought a yoga video and to practice in my student house! So where my yoga began I’m not exactly sure!

Travelling to India, South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia introduced me to many styles and the first “true” experience of yoga. My yoga journey started somewhere in my backpacking time as I for the first time in my life felt a quietening, calming and deep connection from the practice.

I experienced a healing and strengthening response from yoga after a car accident resulted in spinal surgery. Accepting my body’s limitations and learning more about the relationship of breath, mind and body lead me to embark on my teacher training with The British Wheel of Yoga. 


The training, further experience and continued learning from others has helped me to explore my own style. I love dynamic flow yoga but I am also trained in yin (by Norman Blair). I love how different approaches and styles can bring endless benefits and responses to mind and body. Continuously, I am inspired by students and teachers and learn continuously. My body also over the years with injuries, pregnancy, recovery etc has taught me to patient, kind and strong.  I love teaching Vinyasa classes focussing highly on creativity, seamless development and linking the breath with movement . I put time and love into the theme of each class. I’m moved by the influence yoga can have physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The dream I have had for years is to open a Yoga studio. To share my passion for yoga with so many others is a blessing and to spend my days ensuring each and everyone who walks into the studio walks out happier and calmer, sweatier and stronger, balanced and energised is the best job I could imagine.