Faye Coulson

My journey to becoming a Biomagnetism Practitioner has not been a linear one! I studied Zoology at University, then I did a law conversion. This was before setting up an eco fashion brand supporting women’s groups in Asia and Africa. 

I found Biomagnetism when suffering from debilitating reoccurring kidney infections and was desperate for a solution. Biomagnetism cured my kidney problems in just a handful of sessions, where nothing else had helped. Looking for a career change at around the same time and having first hand experience of such amazing results I travelled to Miami in 2017 for training. 

I work holistically to balance the body, mind and energy. I am qualified in Level 1 & 2 Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and Bioenergetics, Biomagnetic Neuropsychology, Emotion Code and Body Code.