Annabel Bradburn – Therapist

I started my journey as a midwife 22 years ago and still practice in the local community today. From then I discovered the benefits of using complementary therapies during my first pregnancy. I was suffering with hyperemesis (extreme pregnancy sickness). Aromatherapy and acupuncture proved invaluable and helped me ride some of the challenges throughout my pregnancy and birth experience. My passion has led me to undertake higher education in a variety of complementary therapies. To provide holistic care and nurturing support to women throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. Since 2010, I have gained qualifications in aromatherapy, reflex zone therapy, maternity acupuncture, moxibustion, Swedish massage and I now specialise in pre/postnatal massage (including soft tissue release and caesarean section scar massage).

I firmly believe that the use of complementary therapies in pregnancy not only helps to promote physical and emotional wellbeing but can assist women to feel more supported and nurtured, and more comfortable and relaxed throughout their amazing yet challenging journeys.