A beautiful, comforting studio offering a wide variety of yoga styles from traditional to modern. The class styles we offer in our yoga studio are as follows.

With strength and grace

In our strength and grace classes you can expect a flowing style class where postures link seamlessly with the breath to create energy and strength whilst maintaining a softness and fluidity. The classes will flow and develop naturally, slowly warming the body and developing postures to create the peak in the class. There is no sense of competitiveness and you will be encouraged to listen to your body on that day and decide whether you need a challenging or calming practice.

Core Intention

Connect with the deep core from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. This class teaches you to move holistically to reveal the deep core body. Harness a powerful mind-body connection as you experience your whole body core activating through your practise. This is class is for everyone.

The Challenge

This class requires a certain level of fitness, stamina and strength. In these dynamic sessions we will create and encourage a supportive, safe environment where there is a balance of play and focus. Classes will develop more challenging postures, arm balances and inversions. We suggest six months of regular practice in preparation for this class.

Friday night Yin

This class is based on the restorative and relaxing style of Yin. The class will be taught at a slower pace to create and develop a deeper understanding of the postures as you focus on your breath, enabling you to take your practice further.

Yin develops the yoga mind, as you learn to let go of the mind chatter whilst holding poses for minutes at a time. This helps you develop patience on and off your mat. The style of Yin focuses on the simplicity of the practice and stillness in your postures. Classes will give you a deep stretch and finish with a long Savasana (relaxation) or guided meditation.

Gentle Flow and Gentle Flow for seniors

The structure of this class has been developed for people who simply want to take their yoga at a slow, gentle pace, are new to yoga, have long-term physical issues or are starting the healing process of a more recent injury. It will help you develop a greater understanding of yoga and your body, at a speed which works for you. Offering a slower-paced class means we can help provide modifications, props and discuss what’s best for you and how we should continue to develop your practice.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a combination of kriyas, sequenced postures, chanting, mudras, meditation and pranayama combined together with beautiful gentle music.