Pre Natal

Pregnancy Yoga

Our pregnancy classes at The Yoga Shed are designed to help prepare you for a positive and active labour. Physically we will focus on postures and movements that open the hips, strengthen the body and tone your pelvic floor.

We will teach you methods of relaxation by guiding you through yogic breathing techniques and Yoga Nidra.
We can’t promise a particular or perfect labour, but we will teach you tools and techniques that build your strength, knowledge and confidence to deal with different circumstances that may arise during the birth.

The class works holistically with your body and mind. The classes are great to meet and build a support network of other mums, bond with your unmet baby and relieve anxiety connected with pregnancy and labour.
The class will involve: talking confidentially, sharing and learning (with a particular theme, subject or focus each week), gentle flowing sequences and strengthening practices.

Some things you should avoid doing in yoga once you’re pregnant are: strong twists, strong backbends, lying on your front, lying on your back once this becomes uncomfortable for you, breath retention and inversions. It is important that you make the teacher aware of any issues which occur during your pregnancy to ensure we can support you safely through your practice.

These classes are for anyone who is 12 weeks pregnant all the way through to labour.

Post Natal

Mum and Baby Yoga

Whether you did pregnancy yoga with us or not, you are welcome to come and join us for our mum and baby classes. We will focus on drawing in and strengthening the pelvic floor, as well as strengthening the rest of the body using yoga postures with and without baby, helping to build your practice.

We will also help to release physical tension that is often built up in the back, neck and shoulders from repetitive lifting and carrying, and maybe breastfeeding. We will practise breathing techniques to help focus, relax and calm any anxiety or stress and to balance hormonal issues.

The classes increase your bond with your baby while you spend time together doing something new, fun and calming. The babies will be entertained with props and we will all sing to them. We have no expectations of what we will achieve in a class and how the babies will behave. Each week will vary- sometimes you may need to feed or change them in class and that is absolutely fine. We know how hard it is to get out of the house too, so if you are running late or having a bad morning, still try to come because you will feel better for it after.

We aim to build a supportive community of new mums, so we welcome mums to stay behind after class together to get to know each other over a drink. The studio will be yours for an hour after the class finishes or alternatively you can move to our seating area at the coffee and juice bar.
This is suitable for mums and babies until baby is able to crawl.

Post Natal Recovery Pilates

This class is designed to re-introduce your body safely back to fitness. It will tackle all things post-natal, including abdominal separation, pelvic floor strengthening and toning, shoulder, back and SPD pain. Babies are more than welcome, but the emphasis will be on the mother’s rehabilitation, so bring any toys and blankets you require to keep them busy while you work!