Fall in love with Hot Yoga in our specially designed studio, using the latest, most hygienic system.

With strength & grace hot

All of our strength & grace classes follow the same principles. This class is enjoyed in the heated studio, so you may find that some of the more difficult poses are left out as they are not suitable to be practised in the heat. The heat allows you to detoxify while practising and enables a deeper stretch for your muscles. The hot class requires a good level of fitness. You will leave feeling sweaty, stretched, invigorated and strengthened.

With strength & grace warm

If you are new to hot yoga, are not sure you’re going to like the heat or don’t fancy it quite as hot as usual, try this class and allow the body to acclimatise. It follows all the same principles as Strength and Grace but in an ambient heat.

Friday Night Flow

This vinyasa flow class is taken at a slightly faster pace to the beat of chilled house music. Turn the lights down and find focus for an hour long class which will help you forget about your week and prepare you for the weekend.

The Challenge

This class requires a certain level of fitness, stamina and strength. In these dynamic sessions we will create a supportive, safe environment where you feel able to play around with developing challenging postures, arm balances and inversions. We suggest six months of regular practice before you tackle this class.

Warm Yin

This class is based on the restorative and relaxing style of Yin. The class is taken at a slower pace and helps to create and develop a deeper understanding of the postures as you focus on your breath, enabling you to take your practice further. The style of Yin focuses on the simplicity of the practice and stillness in your postures. Yin develops the yoga mind, as you learn to let go of the mind chatter whilst holding poses for minutes at a time. Classes will give you a deep stretch, are taken in an ambient heat and finish with a long Savasana (relaxation) or guided meditation.

Rise & Flow

The best way to start your day, this 45- minute class will warm the body, working up to deeper stretches and building the pace to prepare the body and mind for the day ahead.