If you do not find the answers to your questions below, please do hesitate to ask before your class.

Hot Yoga

What is hot yoga?

Our hot yoga is not Bikram Yoga. We deliver different styles of classes in our specially designed hot studio, including the With strength & grace, The Challenge and Yin.
These classes are practised at a temperature of up to 40 degrees. The heating and humidity system has been designed to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and never drying, which prevents the skin and throat from becoming dehydrated. The hot air flow is distributed evenly throughout the studio meaning you will feel hot and sweaty without there being an imbalance of heat in the room.

Which class is for me?

Each class you attend will be different, as each teacher has an individual style. Have a read through the class styles and if you have any questions, let us know. We are happy to advise you on which class would suit you best. If you are worried you are not going to like the heat, try one of our ‘warm’ classes first.

What are the benefits of Hot yoga?

Hot yoga flushes out toxins in the body through perspiration, providing an instant body detoxification. The stamina needed for hot yoga encourages determination and builds self confidence.
With regular practice it synchronises the nervous and endocrine systems, which play a large role in hormonal and emotional balance. You will feel an overall cleansing and mood boosting response after your sessions and you will notice your skin looks clearer and more radiant from the cleansing benefits.

What should I do to prepare?

Stay hydrated throughout the day with water and coconut water. Avoid caffeinated drinks and large meals before class. If you are feeling unwell that day, we advise you not to attend class.

How do I avoid dehydration after my class?

You can replace electrolytes, which help our bodies to rehydrate, by drinking coconut water or eating a banana combined with drinking water. We sell dietetically approved juices from The Shed Kitchen, one of which has been specifically designed for hydration.

Feeling lightheaded?

Please make the teacher aware if you are feeling unwell. If you need to take a break throughout the class please lie on your mat or sit comfortably. Allow yourself time to bring the heart rate and breathing back to a calmer pace and sip some water. We prefer you not to leave the room because of the sudden change in temperature you will experience, and also to ensure you are not alone.

What do I need to bring?

You can bring your own mat or borrow one of ours. You will need lots of water for the class.
We ask you to use a towel over our yoga mats, so please bring one or rent one from us. We also sell sticky dot grip towels at the studio.


Which class is for me?

Take a look at the descriptions of the classes in the class section. We hope you find your preferred style on the timetable, but we also hope you get the chance to try something new.
We recommend you have at least six months experience before attending The Challenge classes, Our gentle classes are suitable for complete beginners.

Do I need to book?

There is no need to book, but if you would like to reserve your place in a class please ‘click here’ to ensure your space every time. If you cannot attend your booked class, you will be charged in full for not cancelling your booking at least half an hour before class is due to start. Please see Terms and Conditions for more info.

This is my first class, what do I need to do?

If it is your first class please ensure you arrive 20 minutes before the class is due to start so you can fill out a quick form and we can give you all the information you need. We will talk to you about your yoga experience and discuss any injuries or health issues that could affect your yoga practice. We will also show you round the studio so you feel familiar with the space, and answer any questions you may have.

What should I wear?

Men usually wear shorts and t-shirts.
Women usually wear leggings, vest tops, comfortable t-shirts and sports bras.
Bring a jumper in cooler weather for the start and end of the class.
All yoga is practised in bare feet and we recommend minimal jewellery.

When should I arrive?

Please try and be in the studio at least five minutes before the class begins. You are usually able to relax in the studios 20 minutes before the class begins, if there is no class running directly before.

Can I eat before a class?

Avoid eating a large meal before a class, but make sure that you have eaten something to ensure you have enough energy. Learn what works best for your body. We recommend you don’t take a class on a totally empty stomach, so if you haven’t had anything for a while maybe choose a banana or a power ball around half an hour before your session.

What do I need to bring?

We encourage people to bring their own bottle and we will happily provide tap water. Mineral water is available to purchase. If you would prefer to use your own mat and towel, please feel free to bring them. Towels for your shower can be rented at reception.
Both our studios are equipped with mats, straps, blocks, bricks and bolsters. Please help yourself to these from the cupboard at the beginning of your class.

Pregnancy Yoga

When can I start?

We recommend that you don’t start these classes until you are 12 weeks into your pregnancy. At this point your pregnancy is well established and the feelings of tiredness and nausea have eased for most women by then. You should also have had your first appointment with your GP and received the all-clear to start coming to class. You can then continue to practise throughout your pregnancy, right up to labour.

If you regularly practise with us, please let us know in confidence that you are pregnant straight away, as you may be advised not to practise most of the classes in your first trimester. We strongly advise you not to use the Hot studio when you are pregnant, because your body starts to create higher levels of a hormone called relaxin and the additional heat may cause you to over stretch. You are also far more likely to become dehydrated in the heat and this should be avoided when pregnant.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of pregnancy yoga are endless. Here are a few: improved general health and relief from and management of pregnancy related ailments e.g sciatica, constipation, backache, swollen feet and heartburn. Pregnancy yoga can increase energy levels, lower stress levels, aid better sleep, lessen muscle tension and strengthen your body and posture as your body shape changes to adapt to carrying your growing baby. You may also feel mental benefits: feeling more emotionally balanced, positive, confident and empowered.

The class works towards a positive and active labour, and certain tools you learn may be beneficial at the time of labour. Finally,the class also creates a community for you and other mums, where you can ask for advice and exchange support. Some of you will make lifelong friends for yourself and your babies.

What should I bring?

We are happy to provide everything you need, to save you carrying anything to class. If you’d prefer to have your own, then please bring a mat, blanket and anything that improves your comfort. Comfy clothes are essential and bring some water too.

Post-natal Yoga

When can I start?

We recommend that you wait six weeks before attending class. In the case of caesarean births, it is advised that you wait for the all clear from your doctor usually at 12 weeks.

What should I bring?

You can bring or borrow mats, blankets, bolsters and blocks. You are welcome to bring all the necessary items you need for you and your baby during the class, such as a blanket for baby to lie on and any comforters/toys.

When should I arrive?

We understand that it’s pretty hard trying to get anywhere on time when you have a baby, so we are not strict on start times for this class. You are welcome to come in at any point during the class and even if you just make it for 15 minutes, you will hopefully benefit from some yoga, welcoming chat and conversation with us and other mums.