Studio Etiquette

Please read and adhere to the following to ensure everyone is able to enjoy each visit to The Yoga Shed.

Please ensure all shoes are left in the provided storage. (No shoes should be worn in either studio or upstairs.)

All our classes will start on time. We welcome you to find your space in the studio and relax up to 20 minutes before the class starts. If you are running a little late please call us so we can put a mat down for you to minimise any disturbance to the class. We unfortunately cannot let you join the class if you arrive more than five minutes late, as you will miss a significant part of the warm up, which is essential to the safety of your practice.

Please make sure you inform us of any injuries, physical and mental issues, or medication you are on when you first visit us and keep us up to date if anything changes. However, don’t let any of these issues put you off coming. We accommodate and welcome everyone, and can suggest which class will be best for you.

Hot yoga is sweaty, so you will find it a lot easier to have a towel on your mat to avoid slipping. We also ask you to kindly use a towel if you are borrowing one of our mats. We have special sticky dot yoga towels for sale at the studio, which we highly recommend.

Please be respectful of other students, their space and privacy.  Be aware that any noise made in the communal areas may affect people’s yoga practice.

Please don’t take any personal items, including phones, into the studio. We provide lockers so you can safely store your valuables. You should only need a mat, towel/s and water.

We suggest you avoid wearing any jewellery or watches during class.

Please keep your body and feet clean when coming to the studio. As a courtesy to fellow students, please avoid wearing any heavy perfumes or smoking just before a class.