Yoga and Hot Yoga

Our two beautiful studios will offer a variety of class styles for everyone.  We will have a blend of traditional and modern yoga classes in both our yoga studio and hot yoga studio to appeal to individual tastes. All of our classes are developed by the teacher to portray their own personality and style. Each and every class is created, constructed and presented with intention, dedication and attention to detail. We will encourage focus in a calm and uncompetitive environment where correct alignment and modifications are given to ensure safety in your practice.

With Strength & Grace

Although there are many different styles of class, our vision is very much based around the concept of strength and grace.

This vision is Inspired by someone who, despite fighting a huge battle with cancer, lived her life gracefully and with a powerful inner strength.

She was an incredible inspiration in life, and the inspiration behind both the way we practise and teach.

Yoga encourages us to find physical, emotional and spiritual strength.

We believe teaching and practising yoga with an all encompassing grace leads to strength without ego.